UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources


Innovation for Sustainable Development


14 January 2021

The Innovation for Sustainable Development (Inno4SD) network assists governments and businesses worldwide to harness the potential of innovation to achieve sustainable development. The network brings together experts—both researchers and those with practical experience - to share experiences and perspectives, and generates new insights through targeted research aimed at filling key knowledge gaps. The green.eu project provides a think-tank and support service for the network for the first three years, organising annual symposia and co-ordinating and conducting research activities. The project is funded by the European Commission. 

UCL leads WP3 of the project with an objective to develop a global knowledge hub for research and policy expertise on innovation for sustainable development. In the framework of the WP, UCL developed a global map of business activities in green economy and eco-innovation (March 2016).

The activities in April-August focused on preparing a detailed methodology for conducting a series of expert-based country reviews on the national innovation systems, with a focus on their capacity to enable and lead sustainability transitions. The pilot assessments are foreseen for early 2017, and main phase for the second half of 2017.  The WP will also produce thematic policy outlook papers, which will draw together the evidence on key eco-innovation topics.

Project Lead: Prof Raimund Bleischwitz 

Project website: www.inno4sd.net