UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources


Addressing Valuation of Energy and Nature Together (ADVENT)

12 July 2017

UCL ISR is part of the consortium working on the ADVENT project, a £2M NERC-funded effort to explore future UK low-carbon energy pathways and quantify what they would mean for natural capital and ecosystem services. The UCL research is led by Paolo Agnolucci.

The project is applying a number of methodologies to assess the value of ecosystem service changes associated with different future energy pathways. The pathways will recommend steps the UK will need to take in order to meet its energy policy goals of maintaining energy security, keeping energy affordable and cutting GHG emissions.

The project will give policymakers the tools they need to analyse different energy futures in a way that brings energy and environmental considerations together into a single framework.

Lead researcher: Paolo Agnolucci, Senior Lecturer, UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources