UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources



The Sustainable Resources: Economics, Policy and Transitions MSc is a 180-credit programme consisting of:

  • 5 core modules (75 credits)
  • a choice of 3 optional modules (45 credits)
  • a dissertation project (60 credits)

The compulsory modules provide a comprehensive overview, while the optional modules provide more specific skills in areas that you have a special interest in.

The programme includes lectures, interactive seminars and presentations from visiting speakers from national government, international organisations, businesses and charities.

Core modules

  • BENV0069 Introduction to Sustainable Resources: Challenges and principles (15 credits)
  • BENV0070 Introduction to Resource Economics and Policy (15 credits)
  • BENV0071 The Demand Drivers for Resource Use (15 credits)
  • BENV0072 Tools for Assessing Sustainable Resources (15 credits)
  • BENV0073 Future Resource Pathways and Visions (15 credits)
  • BENV0007 Dissertation (60 credits)

Optional modules (choose 3)

  • BENV0074 International Commodity Trade (15 credits)
  • BENV0075 Metrics, Modelling and Visualisation of the Resource Nexus (15 credits)
  • BENV0076 Resource Governance and the global south (15 credits)
  • BENV0077 Eco-Innovation, Business and Market Development (15 credits)
  • GEOGG123 Climate Risks to Hydro-ecological Systems (with UCL Geography; 15 credits)
  • GEOL3043 Earth Resources & Sustainability (with UCL Earth Sciences; 15 credits)
  • Environmental and Social Risk (15 credits).