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Sustainable Resources: Economics, Policy and Transitions MSc

Learn how to analyse and manage the sustainable exploitation of mineral and natural resources, throughout the economy.

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Why study the Sustainable Resources MSc

The extraction, supply and management of materials underpin every aspect of our lives. Take your mobile phone: it is made of hundreds of different types of materials, some of them precious and rare. After two years, you will replace it.
We need to we make the transition from a highly inefficient and wasteful system towards more sustainable systems where resources are maintained in the productive cycle for as long as possible, environmental impact is reduced and wealth and opportunities are distributed more fairly.
The Sustainable Resources MSc will give you the tools to address these challenges. Based at the Bartlett’s Institute for Sustainable Resources, this degree equips students with the skills and knowledge to become leaders in a field that is increasingly critical to business, policymakers and civil society around at the global and local levels. You will benefit from a truly interdisciplinary approach to the economics, policies and strategies of sustainable resources and first-hand experience from leading experts in the areas of the circular economy, resource efficiency and sustainable resource management.

About the course

This exciting multi-disciplinary programme includes contributions from:

  • economics
  • political science
  • development planning
  • engineering
  • the natural sciences

You’ll be equipped to become a leader and entrepreneur in your chosen area of specialisation. The programme also includes a careers event with speakers from a variety of organisations.

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Why choose The Bartlett?

We offer:

  • a leading centre for research into energy systems, energy economics, energy and environmental policy and law, as well as behavioural aspects of energy use
  • additional expertise from the UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources on environmental and resource economics, two increasingly important areas
  • the chance to gain in-depth expertise in a number of specific areas of analysis 
  • close connections to policy-makers, think tanks, energy plcs and world-leading consultancies