UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources


Research staff

Paolo Agnolucci
Senior Lecturer in Resource and Environmental Economics
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Nadia Ameli
Senior Research Associate
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Raimund Bleischwitz
Director of School
Chair in Sustainable Global Resources
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Albert Bressand
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Oliver Broad  
Research Associate 
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Isabela Butnar
Senior Research Associate in Bioenergy Systems
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Alvaro Calzadilla
Senior Lecturer in Macro-economic Modelling for a Green Economy
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Giorgio Castagneto Gissey 
Senior Research Associate
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John Cridland CBE
Visiting Professor
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Carole Dalin
NERC Research Fellow
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Vincenzo De Lipsis
Research Associate in Econometric Modelling for Energy and the Environment
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Olivier Dessens
Senior Research Associate in Climate Modelling
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Paul Dodds
Senior Lecturer in Energy Systems
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Teresa Domenech
Senior Teaching Fellow
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Paul Drummond
Senior Research Associate
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Paul Ekins OBE
Professor in Resources & Environment Policy
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Nawfal Saadi Failali
Research Associate in Energy Systems Modelling 
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Florian Flachenecker
Honorary Lecturer
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Maria Rosa De Giacomo
Research Associate and Marie Curie Fellow
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Michael Grubb
Deputy Director
Professor of International Energy and Climate Change Policy
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Chris Hope
Professorial Research Associate
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Nick Hughes
Research Associate
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Charlotte Johnson
Research Associate
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Nigel Jollands
Honorary Senior Research Associate 
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Nino Jordan
Teaching Fellow in Sustainable Resources and Circular Economy
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Xavier Lemaire
Senior Research Associate 
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Lorenzo Lotti
Teaching Fellow in Economics of Energy and the Environment
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Will McDowall
Lecturer in Eco-Innovation
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Christophe McGlade
Honorary Senior Research Fellow
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Michal Miedzinski
Senior Research Associate in Eco-Innovation and Policies
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Ben Milligan
Senior Research Associate
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Victor Nechifor
Research Associate
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David Norse CBE
Honorary Visiting Professor
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Ali Poncia
Research Assistant
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Chrysanthi Rapti
Research Associate
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Daniel Scamman
Senior Research Associate in Hydrogen Systems Policy
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Julia Tomei
Senior Research Associate
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Stijn Van Ewijk
Research Associate
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Antonio Velazquez
Research Associate in Hydrogen Systems Policy
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David Font Vivanco
Research Associate and Marie Curie Fellow
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Jim Watson
Professor of Energy Policy
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Matthew Winning
Research Associate
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