UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources



There are several ways that organisations can work with us:

Collaborate on research

  • Sponsoring a research project allows the industrial sponsor to gain access to the world-leading expertise and facilities available at UCL.
  • Becoming a partner in an externally funded research project can include providing additional skills, facilities, access to data, field studies sites or helping to steer research projects.

Share knowledge and equipment

  • Participate in a Knowledge Transfer Partnership project where government support can provide resources to develop new areas of expertise in a company.
  • Participate in joint research seminars and workshops.
  • Share facilities and equipment.

Sponsor a student

  • Sponsor or host a doctoral student as an intern. PhD students can be engaged in industry-focused research projects either fully funded or part funded (EPSRC CASE awards) by industry.
  • Participate on taught courses by providing case studies.

For more information on how to collaborate, please contact our partnerships manager Elinor Kruse.