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How can you reduce your carbon footprint? Teresa Domenech discusses on The One Show

26 October 2021

Associate Prof Teresa Domenech talks about ways in which we can all reduce our carbon footprints by thinking about our purchasing choices on BBC1: The One Show.

Pile of wasted clothes

How often do we think about what we buy, where we buy it and the impact it has on our carbon footprint?

A large fraction of our carbon footprint is associated to our consumption patterns. Fashion, electronics and online deliveries constitute key areas of carbon footprint. As part of a series of short documentaries, The BBC1 'The One Show' discusses with Dr Teresa Domenech ways in which we can reduce our carbon emissions by introducing changes to the way we shop. 

When thinking about ways to reduce your clothing related carbon Dr Domenech said:

You can reduce up to 50% of your carbon impact on fashion by just renting clothes rather than buying them." 

The interview goes on to talk about ways in which we can all try to reduce our footprint and discusses carbon implications of everyday products, which may not always be aware of.

Four ways we can do our bit to reduce carbon outputs:

  • Buy less fast fashion
  • Keep electronics longer
  • Plan your home deliveries 
  • Buy goods made closer to home

Watch the full interview  

Photo by Alejo Reinoso on Unsplash