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Dr Xavier Lemaire awarded funding by the British Academy

25 October 2018

UCL ISR Senior Research Associate Xavier Lemaire has been awarded funding by the British Academy as part of the Sustainable Development Programme.

river water

The British Academy has awarded funding to 27 talented academics to research heritage, dignity and violence, including ISR's Dr Xavier Lemaire.

Working with Dr Papa Sow, Xavier will lead the project entitled, Large Water Projects and Conflicted Territorial Identities in sub-Saharan Africa, The Case of the Development of the Senegal River. The research aims to survey the case of the development of the Senegal River project. This large-scale and constantly evolving project was first implemented in 1980, producing, and continuing to produce, massive changes in the livelihoods of farmers and fishermen. This project aims to interrogate what the impacts are in terms of the redefinition of territorial, cultural and historical identities. 

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