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The Sun reports on UCL ISR calls for increase on tax on diesel cars

7 March 2017

The Sun reports on UCL ISR researcher Paul Drummond's call for an increase in tax charges on diesel cars

istock car pollution

Paul Drummond, Senior Researcher at UCL ISR, has called for an increase on the current £55 tax charge on diesel cars, the Sun reports. The article comes as sales of diesel cars have slumped at their fastest rate for almost nine years.

The newspaper states that buyers are shunning them after the government hints that diesel drivers are to be clobbered with more taxes because of the pollution the vehicles cause.

Read the full articleTax fears over diesel cars have seen sales plummet at fastest rate in NINE years 

Last year UCL ISR called for a higher tax on diesel cars in a report for Green Budget Europe titled, Tackling air pollution from diesel cars through tax: options for the UK'. The report considers higher registration taxes on new diesel cars and charges to enter cities where air pollution is worst to help tackle the public health emergency of air pollution.