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Cornwall's lithium could boost UK green tech sector - Prof Raimund Bleischwitz in the Conversation

2 February 2017

Prof Raimund Bleicschwitz, UCL ISR Deputy Director, describes how lithium mined from hot springs in Cornwall could boost Britain’s green tech sector.

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In this opinion piece for the Conversation, Prof Raimund Bleicschwitz discusses the development of a lithium mine in Cornwall and how it could benefit the UK's green technology industry. 

On January 19, the British company Cornish Lithium entered into an agreement with Canada’s Strongbow Exploration to explore and potentially develop lithium mining in Cornwall. This is just a first step and it may be years before any lithium comes on stream, but it’s worth taking a look ahead.
Lithium is a light and shiny silver metal with high conductivity which makes it ideal for use in products such as batteries. Since lithium has been the hottest commodity of the past year, a new domestic supply could help the UK become a global player in the burgeoning electric car market.

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