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The commission formally launched on 24th October 2019 and will publish its final report in 2020. We will update this page as the GIPC’s work progresses.

How can we build a green economy?

Seven priorities for infrastructure policy

Without major new policies in the very near future, the UK will not be on track to meet its goal of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions in 2050. Infrastructure forms the underlying building blocks of the economy and is a key enabler for innovative solutions to achieve a green economy. Getting infrastructure policy right is essential to cut carbon quickly as well as to prepare the UK for the impacts of a warming world.
The Green Innovation Policy Commission has outlined a set of priorities that will ensure infrastructure policy effectively drives economic transition at the speed needed.

Buildings blocks for a green economy: innovating through infrastructure delivery 

Tuesday 26 November 2019
16.00 – 17.30, Central London

Moving to a green economy will require innovation across all sectors and parts of the UK. Infrastructure will be central to this. From low carbon transport systems to clean energy, from efficient and resilient buildings to improved land management to protect against flooding, infrastructure can be a vital enabler for the innovative low carbon and nature enhancing solutions the UK urgently needs.  

The event was chaired by Shaun Spiers from Green Alliance with a presentation by Professor Paul Ekins from the Institute for Sustainable Resources, UCL. This was followed by a panel discussion about policy priorities to ensure existing and future UK infrastructure accelerates innovation for a green economy, creating jobs and prosperity across the country. 

The panel included:

Listen to the highlights from the event on the Green Alliance podcast.

This is the first event of the Green Innovation Policy Commission. For more information about the commission, please contact Caterina Brandmayr, senior policy analyst at Green Alliance: cbrandmayr@green-alliance.org.uk