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Econometric Assessment

Econometric assessment focuses on the modelling and evaluation of natural resources, including food and energy. We cover a wide range of topics  such as climate change, crop yield, trade, energy demand and energy efficiency, food systems, commodity markets, biodiversity and models for road traffic. Our offer of methodologies is equally diverse, from both the micro- and the macro-econometric advanced set of tools.

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What we do

Our team is at the cutting edge of the application of advanced macro- and micro-econometric tools in the natural resource academic community such as structural VARs, Kalman filtering, change–in–changes and synthetic control method. We have an extensive track record in assessing the impact of energy efficiency measures such as those introduced by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.


Paolo Agnolucci
Associate Professor
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Vincenzo de Lipsis
Research Associate
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Chrysanthi Rapti
Research Associate 
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Kentaro Mayr
PhD Student
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Theodoros Arvanitopoulos
PhD Student
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Alexandros Sfyridis
PhD Student
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Anwar Gasim
PhD Student
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