UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources


UCL Grand Challenges

Our research has a direct relationship with the UCL Grand Challenges, which aim to address issues of global concern.

Resources and Global Health

Access to resources has a profound impact on global health. Loss of biodiversity and pollution from resource extraction can have a negative impact on human health while access to resources, in particular clean water, could substantially reduce disease, malnutrition and poverty-related mortality.

Resources and Sustainable Cities

With more than 50% of the global population now living in urban areas, the number of cities of more than one million inhabitants is set to continue to grow. This will place continuing pressure on both land use and resources. 

Resources and Intercultural Interaction

Resources from water and food to energy and building materials are critic to social development and economic growth. The development of a ‘green economy’ aims to simultaneously address resource and economic stress as well as social cohesion.

Resources and Human Wellbeing

An estimated 925 million people currently live in poverty. More equitable and sustainable management of resources including food and water could profoundly reduce currently levels of poverty as well as the support additional 2 billion people expected by 2050.

  • More information on the work of the Grand Challenges can be found at their website.