UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources


Abdulaziz Ahmad Al-Shalabi

Thesis title: Provision of sustainable water and electricity in the State of Kuwait

The aim of this PhD research is to develop a TIMES (The Integrated MARKAL-EFOM System) model for Kuwait Electricity and Water System with primary focus on freshwater production and demand. The model will explore how integrating water demand management approaches into the TIMES model can influence the evolution of Electricity and Water System.


Abdulaziz works as a Mechanical Engineer at the Environment Authority in the State of Kuwait. Prior to joining UCL, Abdulaziz was the first Visiting Research Fellow at the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) in Vienna, where he conducted research on EU’s energy policies. He was also the first Sharaka Fellow at Observatoire Méditerranéen de l'Energie (OME) in Paris where he carried out research in the field of energy and environment to investigate potential EU-GCC cooperation opportunities. 

Abdulaziz hold a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Aberdeen, a Master’s degree in Sustainable Development from the University of Surrey and Executive Education Diploma in Leadership from Harvard University.