The Bartlett


PhD student theses

The Bartlett is committed to investigating and engaging with all aspects of the built environment.

Our faculty offers opportunities to pursue original and significant research, providing support and supervision from the faculty’s own internationally respected body of specialists, and from UCL’s wider community of leading academics.

Please see the list below for some of the current thesis titles from across our departments.

School of Architecture

Tal Bar
Digital architecture and difference: a theory of ethical transpositions towards non-representational embodiments in digital architecture
Principal supervisor: Professor Peg Rawes

Jaime Bartolome Yllera
Architectures of joy. A theoretical and practical guide to the production of positive feelings in buildings
Principal supervisor: Professor Marcos Cruz

Tom Bolton
Wrong side of the tracks? The development of London's railway terminus neighbourhoods
Principal supervisor: Professor Laura Vaughan

Irene Kelly
Peace-process infrastructure: Constructing landscapes in-between Irelands
Principal supervisor: Professor Barbara Penner

Claudio Gion Leoni
Gottfried Semper and the problem of reification
Principal supervisor: Professor Murray Fraser

Oliver Palmer
Scripted performances: designing performative architectures through digital and absurd machines
Principal supervisor: Professor Stephen Gage

Sophie Read
In, out and again: reading and drawing John Soane’s lectures at the Royal Institution (RI) in 1817 and 1820
Principal supervisor: Professor Jane Rendell

Ozayr Saloojee
In the midst of our mutually baffling cultures: the making of Muslim space and identity in 19th Century Cape Town
Principal supervisor: Dr Ian Birksted

Rosemary Bridget Spankie
Drawing out the interior
Principal supervisor: Professor Philip Steadman

Huda Tayob
Opaque architectures: spatial practices of African migrant markets in Cape Town (1990 - present)
Principal supervisor: Professor Iain Borden

School of Construction & Project Management

Alex Murray
Returns on public capital investment - procurement, whole life cost and value in English schools and hospitals from 1997-2012
Principal supervisor: Mr Graham Ive

Daniel Vermeer
Collective learning in strategic Public Private Partnership (PPP) procurement systems for social infrastructure
Principal supervisor: Professor Andrew Edkins

School of Environment, Energy and Resources

George Bennett
Comparisons of the next generation of domestic heating solutions to identify the most appropriate solutions for real world conditions
Principal supervisor: Professor Tadeusz Oreszczyn

Lucy Campbell
Using communication technologies to deliver public health agendas in National Health Service food and drink automated vending
Principal supervisor: Professor Michael Pitt

Jonathan Chambers
Developing a rapid, scalable method of thermal characterisation for UK dwellings using smart meter data
Principal supervisor: Professor Tadeusz Oreszczyn

Mina Dragouni
Sustainable heritage tourism: towards a community-led approach
Principal supervisor: Dr Kalliopi Fouseki

Andreas Economou
Oil price shocks: Disentangling the supply determinant and investigating the dynamic effects of oil shocks to changes in the real price of oil
Principal supervisor: Dr Paolo Agnolucci

Pamela Jane Fennell
The impacts of project scale, scope and risk allocation on financial returns for clients and contractors in Energy Performance Contracts - a stochastic modelling analysis
Principal supervisor: Professor Paul Ruyssevelt  

Florian Flachenecker
Competitiveness and climate change mitigation – empirical evidence on the effects of material use and material productivity on competitiveness and greenhouse gas emissions in Europe
Principal supervisor: Professor Raimund Bleischwitz

Riham Mohammed Gaber Ahmed
The effects of temperature and ventilation rates on cognitive performance of female students in Saudi Arabia
Principal supervisor: Professor Dejan Mumovic

Louise Guibrunet
The contribution of the informal economy to urban sustainability - case study of waste management in Tepito, Mexico City
Principal supervisor: Dr Vanesa Castan-Broto

Thuy Duong Khuu
Reconciling biodiversity conservation with sustainable fisheries: a case study of Marine Protected Area governance in Vietnam
Principal supervisor: Professor Paul Ekins

Maria Kikira
Assessing the environmental conditions in the zone adjoining the facade: a monitoring study in office buildings
Principal supervisor: Professor Philip Steadman

Dong Hyun Kim
Light, emotion and interaction: Exploring human affect in lighting
Principal supervisor: Dr Kevin Mansfield

Melissa Lott
The nexus between energy systems and public health
Principal supervisor: Professor Paul Ekins

Victor-Alexandru Nechifor-Vostinaru
Modelling freshwater resources use and the economic impacts of water scarcity. A global-level CGE analysis framework
Principal supervisor: Professor Paul Ekins

Moira Nicolson
Using behavioural science to increase consumer adoption of time-of-use electricity tariffs: evidence from survey and field experiments
Principal supervisor: Dr Gesche Huebner

Emily Nix
Housing health and energy use in low-income settings: employing building science to evaluate housing improvements in Delhi, India
Principal supervisor: Professor Michael Davies

Darshini Ravindranath
Confronting land degradation and climate risks: examining dryland degradation through the lens of vulnerability in Jodhpur, India
Principal supervisor: Professor Paul Ekins

Jun Rentschler
The economics and political economy of fossil fuel subsidy reforms
Principal supervisor: Professor Raimund Bleischwitz

Bernard Tembo
Strategic investment decisions in Zambia's mining sector under a constrained energy system
Principal supervisor: Professor Neil Strachan

Stijn Van Ewijk
Sustainable use of materials in the global paper system
Principal supervisor: Professor Paul Ekins

Xuebing Wang
The impact to Chinese aviation industry by including it into mitigation schemes
Principal supervisor: Professor Paul Ekins

School of Planning

King Lam Chung
Searching for an urban sustainability fix in China: A case study of the Pearl River Delta Greenway Project
Principal supervisor: Professor Fulong Wu

Marco Dean
Assessing the applicability of participatory multi-criteria analysis (MCA) methodologies to the appraisal of mega transport infrastructure
Principal supervisor: Professor Harry Dimitriou

Daniel Fitzpatrick
Governance of mutual housing in London
Principal supervisor: Dr Nikolaos Karadimitriou

Ji Hyun Kim
Multiple enactments of public space: an actor-network theory analysis on stabilisation and multiplicity of user activity
Principal supervisor: Dr Tse-Hui 

Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis

Foteini Valeonti
USEUM: Making art accessible with crowdsourcing and gamification
Principal supervisor: Professor Andy Hudson-Smith

Development Planning Unit

Camila Cociña Varas
Housing as urbanism: the role of housing policies in reducing urban inequalities. A study of post 2006 housing programmes in Puente Alto, Chile
Principal supervisor: Mr Jorge Fiori

Deena Khalil
Drinking in informality: state-making, urban governance and water infrastructure in informal Cairo 1952-2016
Principal supervisor: Dr Liza Griffin

Bianca Nardella
Interrogating international policy narratives of urban conservation and sustainable development: learning from Tunis
Principal supervisor: Dr Colin Marx