The Bartlett Real Estate Institute


Launch of Global Centre for Learning Environments Industry Scholarship

UCL’s Bartlett Real Estate Institute has established a prestigious scholarship for a student who will follow the innovative post-graduate programme in Learning Environments.

Students using UCL Student Centre space

Open to professionals in the built environment – architects, project and construction managers, engineers, as well as to education managers , teachers, lecturers and leaning technologists- the Master of Science Learning Environments provides an integrated, strategic understanding of the procurement, design, infrastructure, management and pedagogy of learning environments. Places of learning through the life course are addressed, from early years, through primary and secondary schools, further and higher education, to adult corporate and lifelong learning.

Director of the Global Centre for Learning Environments, Professor Alexi Marmot says, “This innovative programme covers the intersection between learning and the physical environments in which it takes place. Our graduates are at the forefront of knowledge, taking informed decisions to improve investment in future educational spaces.”  

Dr Jos Boys, Director of the M.Sc. Learning Environments, notes, “Our graduates gain an integrated, strategic understanding of learning spaces procurement, design, infrastructure, management and pedagogy, an important and much needed specialism as the world increasingly invests in education.”

The scholarship covers half the fees for a UK student studying part-time over two years while remaining in employment, or studying full-time over 12 months. The remaining fees will be paid by the employer or the student.

For more details and how to apply see please email Professor Alexi Marmot: a.marmot@ucl.ac.uk