The Bartlett Real Estate Institute


Director sets out vision for The Bartlett Real Estate Institute

10 August 2017

Professor Andrew Edkins, Director of the Bartlett Real Estate Institute (BREI), has outlined BREI’s vision to a group of industry experts and academics in a talk at 22 Gordon Street.

Andrew Edkins introduces the Bartlett Real Estate Institute

As part of the event, Professor Edkins delivered a presentation ‘Leading the Discussion’, focusing on redefining the values of real estate and inviting attendees to participate in this mission.

This is part of a bold plan by The Bartlett to transform our understanding of real estate from purely monetary terms to its social, cultural and environmental value, among others.

Speaking at the event, Professor Edkins said: “It is my view – both personally and as the voice of my faculty, The Bartlett – that the long term future of our industry – or more correctly industries – rests on our ability to… redefine what the term real estate is and explore and identify the multiple types of value arising from and derived through our real estate. And to then seek to find ways to capture and measure it so that we can replicate this value far more widely.

“My hope and aim is that everything that goes on at the BREI will contribute in some way to our understanding of Real Estate, what it comprises and how it provides value.

“Because when we understand it, we can then start to measure it, standardise it, maximise it, reproduce it, and make sure our Real Estate retains it, whatever the future holds.”

The Institute will be based in UCL at Here East on the Olympic Park. It will form part of a technological and innovative hub collaborating with a range of organisations to shape society of the future.

As well as offering postgraduate taught and research programmes, the Institute will provide executive education and short courses to professionals, and seek to form partnerships with organisations and individuals.