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Virtual Event: The Future of Construction & Data

25 June 2020, 3:00 pm–5:00 pm

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This online workshop considered the identification and agreement around the collection of critical 'statutory data' in a major construction project.

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Ruby Soor

DigitalDisruption@BREI is a unique consortium of Academics, Real Estate Asset Managers, Developers, Property Services Firms, Funding Institutions, Lawyers and other Professionals and Representative Trade bodies, which will drive adoption of both inventive and innovative ‘deep tech’ in the Global Real Estate market.

The focus of the consortium is the development and deployment of research that relates to the current and future world of Real Estate. PropTech, Real Estate FinTech and PropRegTech are all fast moving sectors which are having a radical impact on what has historically been a slow moving, traditional and conservative industry.

Accurate, critical and verified data is essential as an enabler in Real Estate for data analytics, climate change and sustainability, valuations and transactions using blockchain and AI techniques. We launched the consortium with a series of virtual events which are being held over the summer.

This was the second event and took the form of a workshop on the use of data throughout the development process to improve the design, build and operation of buildings.

Twelve speakers first gave short presentations that were followed by three breakout groups, in which delegates considered various market sectors where the tech can be applied. The theme of the event was to identify where the value can be identified if the techniques under consideration were to be introduced.

Speakers first spoke about the value proposition for owners of Real Estate to collect data as an end to end process. They then considered the necessity to develop standards and legal protocols and finally considered two use cases including the pilot project to collect statutory fire safety data for the UCL Estates current PEARL project for UCL.

The consortium is a joint venture between the Bartlett Real Estate Institute and Resilience Partners Limited, and with Professor Andrew Edkins and me acting as joint chairs. We are especially grateful to the time, support and encouragement from Professor Philip Treleaven (UCL Computing), Kyle McFadden of Greystar, Jack Sibley of Nuveen and Kevin O’Grady of Arup for our current progress during these challenging times.

Full details with speakers and discussion topics can be found here