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The Changing Nature of Real Estate Investment & Delivery

16 January 2020, 2:00 pm–5:45 pm

Green infrastructure London

London needs green infrastructure across its real estate needs, to be a climate-adapted, healthy and resilient city. But some key challenges need to be addressed. How can we finance and deliver green infrastructure?

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Blanche Cameron
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Bartlett Real Estate Institute
East Bay Lane, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
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Who pays for it? What financial instruments and mechanisms exist or are needed to support green infrastructure investment? How can insurers, investors, developers and real estate owners and managers participate? What solutions need to be shared? How can we green London’s real estate?

About this Event

London has been at the forefront of green infrastructure policy and practice with a game-changing green roof policy since 2008. The new London Plan’s Urban Greening Factor will also encourage greener new developments through the planning process. 

But faster and more comprehensive delivery is needed to address the climate emergency and other environmental challenges. Investors in real estate need to be a driving force too. 

Key real estate actors in finance, investment, insurance and management discuss the primary challenges - and some of the opportunities - to delivering good green infrastructure in London. 

Who is this event aimed at?

Professionals from across the real estate sector are invited to participate in this important discussion – asset managers, investors, insurers and developers, as well as housing and regeneration policy makers and decision-takers.

Support for this event

This event, organised by the Bartlett Real Estate Institute, UCL and Livingroofs.org, is supported by the Mayor of London | www.london.gov.uk