The Bartlett Real Estate Institute



Working in partnership is an essential part of the The Bartlett Real Estate Institute (BREI)’s identity and vision.

BREI launch event question and answer session in the auditorium, UCL at Here East

The 21st century is presenting us with sets of real estate challenges that mean that no single person or organisation has all the answers. We believe in the value of working in partnership to identify real-world problems that lead to commercial, enterprise, or government-funded research projects; to co-explore and then co-create solutions with multidisciplinary stakeholders, government agencies, and BREI students; and to develop new knowledge, intellectual property, or processes that transform the real estate sector.

Generating knowledge 

BREI is founded on The Bartlett’s and UCL’s high-calibre academic and scholarly enquiry, typically conducted through research. As we grow, we therefore expect to establish a set of research-based partnerships. These may involve sponsoring PhDs or similar forms of research degree, or to collect or work with primary data so as to generate new knowledge.

Modifying knowledge

The built environment is an area that allows the contribution of many forms of knowledge and expertise, drawn across a spectrum that extends from the pure arts to hard science. The Bartlett and UCL have a world-class academic resource base to draw from, and we anticipate many of our partnerships will be with those who recognise that drawing on existing knowledge and understanding, and applying it to new areas or in new ways, will both benefit and assist them.

Transferring knowledge

BREI will draw upon The Bartlett and UCL’s long history of engagement with students and those who wish to gain new and deepened understanding through learning in a structured and ordered way. This will include short courses that involve both individual learning in a digital environment and face-to-face; and longer courses involving cohorts of individuals immersing themselves in academically accredited degree courses.

Some short courses will be so specific and focused that they are run rarely and are not appropriate for formal academic credit. Others may be formally accredited and part of a bigger degree course.

We will also offer executive education, which differs from standard university degree courses. Our offer relies on the executives who are on the course to bring experience, knowledge and judgement, and to be willing to share these as appropriate. This shifts the learning environment to one that is more collaborative, where knowledge is gathered from all those in the room – sharing, discussing and challenging.