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Student testimonials

Our students share their thoughts on studying the Master of Public Administration (MPA) at the UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP).

Rachel Bentley: Class of 2019-20

Rachel Bentley
"Being the first cohort was always going to be a risk, but the department has been very responsive to our feedback and worked to improve the experience not only for us but for future generations of students. Kate Roll in particular has been a thoughtful, energetic and engaged Head of Teaching. She's a great asset to IIPP - building a bridge between the classroom-taught theory and the practical application of the methodologies in external organisations."
Juan David Garcia Gonzalez: Class of 2019-20

Juan David Garcia Gonzalez
"The Bartlett Master’s Scholarship was a key step to achieve my dream of studying at UCL. I have to say that, without the scholarship, I have not been able to study at UCL since my own funds and another scholarship were not enough to pay for my studies. UCL is a great University and the Bartlett is a leading and renowned faculty around the world. Many experts and top students come together in the Bartlett to share thought, discuss, learn, and build a better future. UCL, the Bartlett, the UCL IIPP, professors, classmates, and friends have changed the way I live, study, work, and think. Particularly, the Master have helped me to develop a more critical perspective on key features of my professional career like sustainability, economic growth, technology, etc. Similarly, it was great to have contact with world-leading researchers on these subjects, UCL has a long-tradition and many resources to help students and staff to develop high-quality new knowledge. Personally, I have been able to build strong relationships with professors and classmates as well as I have really enjoyed UCL resources like libraries, student´s buildings, and much more. Now, I am working in a project at the UCL IIPP as a Research Assistant where I am applying the knowledge and experiences I got from the Master. I also got a full scholarship in another leading European university to study a PhD from September 2020. Then, my medium long-term plan is to achieve the Doctoral degree and, then, come back to Colombia in order to help in the Sustainable Development of my country. In the future I hope to keep connected with UCL and the Bartlett throughout further projects, research and teaching activities."
Charles McIvor: Class of 2019-20

Charles McIvor
"This MPA was everything that I hoped it would be, and I am incredibly proud to have been in the first cohort. IIPP brought in some of the top minds of innovation research and practice to help us become future leaders in this space. The breadth and expertise of the many different lecturers was just awesome, and they were able to adapt their lectures with ease to the realities of the day (e.g. incorporating their ideas about COVID-19 responses into the lectures). The core courses were so much more than a typical MPA, bringing in systems thinking and design thinking to help us take more novel and inclusive approaches to the policy process. A highlight for me was hearing Hilary Cottom, who is looking to rethink the British welfare state and went through a whole design process with us. We also heard from Francesca Bria, who gave us a really balanced understanding of the major issues in the digital and data space. It was also an incredibly diverse cohort, attracting experienced policymakers from around the world who are inspired to think about our work in different ways, as well as people who are looking to break into the space through the MPA's work placement. If you want to think about economic theory and the practical applications in public policy in new ways, this is the program for you!"
Suprianto Sugino Sumadi: Class of 2019-20

Suprianto Sugino Sumadi
"Truly thought-provoking and positive disruptive experience. The variety of course topics presented on lectures and discussed on seminars make us students rethinking value and reshape our view on how to transform challenges through innovation."