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Governance and digital transformation

The UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP) rethinks the underlying economic and policy models of platform capitalism.


IIPP’s research in the area of governance and digital transformation focusses on tackling three interrelated challenges. Collectively, the three research areas take a significant step towards rethinking the underlying economic and policy models of platform capitalism:

Economics of digital platforms and algorithmic rents

Our research focusses on unpacking how private digital platform monopolies use algorithms to shape competition dynamics to extract rent instead of fostering productive investment and value creation. We identify the tools that platform monopolies use to limit access to digital information and data in order to obtain economic rents. Our policy proposals go beyond the short-term goal of breaking up the monopolies, to targeting the algorithm-based model of digital rent extraction itself.

Paradigms in digital transformation

We unpack and conceptualise paradigms of digital transformation in the public sector globally. Our research examines how public digital infrastructure and government platforms shape public services and their delivery, along with socio-political and market dynamics. We identify best practices to building equitable public private digital partnerships; and consider the extent to which successful approaches can be transferred across countries.

Global varieties of public sector AI 

Our research in this area focusses on understanding the global varieties of public sector approaches to using Artificial Intelligence to create public value. We seek to build new standards and frameworks for the procurement, implementation, design, and management of AI across the public sector.

Policy implications

Through IIPP’s Mission-Oriented Innovation Network (MOIN) we are working with more than 30 leading global policy-making institutions — including state investment banks, innovation agencies, and sectoral units setting the strategic direction of governments — as well as private organisations interested in public purpose, to share the challenges and opportunities they face when trying to create and nurture public value.




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