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Lukas Fuchs

Lukas Fuchs is a PhD student at the Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP).

Lukas Fuchs
Prior to joining IIPP, Lukas took a BA in Philosophy, followed by an MPhil in Philosophy, both at the University of Cambridge. 

Lukas’s PhD research, which is supervised by Professor Mariana Mazzucato and Professor Rainer Kattel, considers mission-oriented policy approaches from the view of political philosophy.

He is interested in the debate between neutralist (many Liberals & Libertarians) and perfectionist (e.g. Aristotle & some Communitarians) views of legitimate state action and whether the public sector should be actively involved in tackling grand challenges, shaping markets and pursuing missions (as opposed to more passive ‘market fixing’). He hopes to link the concept of Public Value to the notion of the Common Good in political philosophy and understand how they can inform and guide policy making. In order to show the significance of these philosophical concepts, he aims to relate them to the issue of climate change.

Research Interests

In addition to political philosophy, Lukas's research interests include epistemology and philosophy of mind. His Master’s thesis, which was supervised by Professor Tim Crane, developed an Internalist view of Singular Thought. The problem of ‘Massive Reduplication’ is usually seen as an obstacle for such an Internalist view. Lukas's thesis argues that analysing Singular Thoughts in terms of Russell’s Theory of Descriptions can avoid this problem.