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David Frayman

David Frayman is a PhD student at the UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP).

David Frayman
David Frayman is a PhD candidate working with Professor Mariana Mazzucato and Dr Antonio Andreoni. His research considers how the institutional features of the financial and innovation systems influence the dynamics of financial flows to innovation. This includes detailed research and econometric analysis of lending by the European Investment Bank and an agent-based modelling exercise, combining the intuitions of Keynesian and evolutionary economics, which explores how the stability of financial flows to investment influences long run innovation.

David’s background is in development economics, having studied a Research Master’s in International Development Studies at the University of Amsterdam. For his thesis, he spent one year researching the effects of labour-saving technological change on manufacturing employment in the Philippines. This showed that past employment deindustrialisation was not the result of automation and that widely cited models of future automation do not account for the heterogeneous technological capabilities of firms. However, it found the possibilities and conditions for manufacturing-led development are being reshaped by a global trend towards greater technological intensity in production. It also highlighted the variety of experiences of deindustrialisation, showing that the Philippines only weakly conforms to the model of premature deindustrialisation and is more a case of failed industrialisation. 

In 2019, he was a Research Fellow on a Ford Foundation funded project led by Damon Silvers (Policy Director AFL-CIO) on labour market structure and its relationship to public policy and innovation, with reference to the post-1980 economies of UK, US, Germany and France. His involvement focussed on the comparative evolution of labour markets across the four economies, the transformation of British manufacturing within the European Union, and the contested implementation of climate policy in France under President Macron.

He has also been a researcher on the PELICAN project (Practice-based Learning in Cities for Climate Action), funded by the European Institute of Technology’s Climate-KIC, where he was part of a collaboration with ART-ER, Emilia-Romagna’s sustainable growth and innovation consortium. He worked on formulating a hypothetical policy plan exploring the economic complexities of a green transition and applying a mission-oriented policy approach in the region.

David teaches in the module Public Value and Public Purpose as part of the IIPP Master of Public Administration.

He would welcome contact regarding any of the above at d.frayman@ucl.ac.uk and can be followed on Twitter: @davidfrayman