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Our work so far

Learn more about the UCL Commission for Mission-Oriented Innovation and Industrial Strategy (MOIIS) work to-date.

Impact on Industrial Strategy White Paper

The research of the UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP) was fundamental to the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy White Paper and was in fact the only academic work cited in the document itself. The strategy takes a new approach to the ‘vertical’ component of industrial policy - in the past this has focussed on sectors such as automotive or aerospace. Under the influence of groundbreaking work of Professor Mariana Mazzucato at IIPP, the Government instead oriented the Industrial Strategy to confront societal ‘Grand Challenges’.

A Mission-Oriented Vision for Innovation-Led Economic Growth government submission

The MOIIS Commission submitted a response to Her Majesty’s Treasury’s 2018 budget process which focussed on the ability of purpose-driven innovation to generate economic growth and inclusive prosperity.

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Prime Minister Theresa May cites the MOIIS Commision's work

On 21st May 2018, Prime Minister Theresa May cited the Commission's work on bringing a mission-oriented framework to the UK Industrial Strategy, in a speech at Jodrell Bank. She said: 

PM Theresa May Industrial Strategy speech
"We have seen throughout our history that setting ambitious and clearly-defined missions motivates human endeavour. There is huge potential in a missions-based approach to drive faster solutions – and it is an approach being pioneered here in the UK, by University College London’s Commission on Mission-Oriented Industrial Strategy."

Helped develop the second mission in the UK Government's Clean Growth Grand Challenge

The MOIIS commission were highly influential in developing the second mission to be announced in the Clean Growth grand challenge to "establish the world's first net-zero carbon industrial cluster by 2040". The commission continues to work closely with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) on how the government can deliver policies to solve the grand challenges of clean growth, healthy ageing, the future of mobility and AI & data.


IIPP has also hosted the following relevant workshops and events alongside the MOIIS commission: