UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose


Oriol Vallès Codina

Oriol Vallès Codina is a Research Fellow in Innovation Policy at the UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Pupose (IIPP).

Oriol's current research at the institute is two-fold: it evaluates how much fiscal policy can accelerate the Green Transition away from carbon technologies and studies the output and employment multipliers of medical-related sectors in developing economies in times of Covid-19. With an interdisciplinary research background in physics, biology, anthropology, and economics, the main themes of his research are classical political economy, computational methods, and complexity science, which are employed to cover topics on multi-sector growth, technical change and innovation, and ecological economics, as well as the economic geography of uneven development and international trade.

His PhD dissertation developed computational models of evolutionary dynamics of firm competition, directed technical change towards decarbonization in the context of the Green Transition, and the uneven economic geography of the Eurozone. He holds a MA in Anthropology from Columbia University, an MSc in Bioinformatics from Universitat Pompeu Fabra, and a BSc in Physics from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.