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IIPP launches 3rd Executive Education programme for senior leaders of the South African government

7 April 2022

After its introduction last year, IIPP is delighted to announce the successful continuation of the high-intensity, seven-week Executive Education programme designed in collaboration with the National School of Government of South Africa.

IIPP Executive Education

IIPP is delighted to announce that its ongoing collaboration with the National School of Government (NSG) of South Africa has enabled a third intake of 30 senior policy makers selected collaboratively by colleagues at the NSG as well as the Department. With the third Executive Education programme, IIPP will have trained over 100 senior policy makers across the national and provincial government of South Africa.

With Associate Professor & IIPP Head of Research Antonio Andreoni as academic lead, the seven-week programme is scheduled to launch on Wednesday 20 April and will offer weekly lectures on various topics including the entrepreneurial state, socio-technical transformation, industrial policy, competition policy and inclusiveness, energy transition, state capacity and managing transformation. Policy lab sessions on ‘Just Transition’ will be also facilitated to explore practical opportunities and discuss challenges in policy design, implementation and enforcement in South Africa.

Contributors include IIPP Director & Founder Professor Mariana Mazzucato, Professor Rainer Kattel (IIPP), Dr Kate Roll (IIPP), Dr Joshua Ryan-Collins (IIPP), Dr Simon Roberts (University of Johannesburg) and Dr Kenneth Creamer (University of the Witwatersrand).     

At the end of the programme, after a total of 60 hours of training, participants will be invited to present a slide deck to the group focusing on policy solutions on the challenge of just transition in South Africa.

As Dr Andreoni highlights:

“South Africa is at a crossroads. Just transition has gained centre stage in the policy discussion, and rightly so. South Africa needs to shape a new social and economic contract towards inclusive and sustainable development. We are delighted to continue engaging government officials as part of this executive education, and informing government action with ongoing research on energy system transition and opportunities for green industrialisation”

IIPP's Executive Education programme is informed and enabled by ongoing research on just transition and collaborative work with mission-oriented organisations in South Africa, with support from the Rockefeller Foundation.

For further information about our programme, please contact Head of Executive Education, Moritz Ehlen.

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