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IIPP funded to prototype city-level mission dashboard to monitor Greater Manchester green transition

11 March 2021

UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP) will continue working with Greater Manchester to track and evaluate the long-term dynamic impact of its mission, with the support of UCL Grand Challenges & Environment Domain funding.

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IIPP has been awarded funding from UCL Grand Challenges through the Green Recovery from COVID-19 theme to continue working with Greater Manchester as the city-region is Building Back Better from the pandemic.

The Greater Manchester Combined Authority’s (GMCA) clean growth mission is at the centre of the city-region’s green recovery from COVID-19. This mission was developed with IIPP when Professor Mariana Mazzucato served as a commissioner for the Independent Prosperity Review in 2018/19. Over the past two years IIPP has supported GMCA throughout the PELICAN project as Greater Manchester is using a mission-oriented approach for clean growth.

For GMCA to achieve the ambition set out in its mission and succeed in delivering a green recovery after the impact of COVID-19, new ‘mission-metrics’ are needed that can monitor and evaluate progress. Through this funding award, IIPP will design new evaluation tools that can measure the dynamic efficiency of GMCA’s mission and be used to track progress through a public facing ‘mission dashboard’. GMCA has recognised the need to develop new approaches to assess the progress of their mission that are more robust than the current static, linear key performance indicators but need support with the knowledge and capabilities to do so.

IIPP's Senior Research Fellow in Cities, Climate and Innovation Ryan Bellinson said of the award:

Through its mission, Greater Manchester has taken pioneering action to foster a green transition at the local level. Being awarded this UCL Grand Challenges funding will enable IIPP to prototype innovation methods for assessing the impact of GMCA’s mission and will help accelerate action to achieve Greater Manchester’s green recovery from COVID-19.

About UCL Grand Challenges:

The UCL Grand Challenges award provides small grants to bring researchers from across UCL together to set a bold agenda for future research and build new links with external partners. Grand Challenges seeks to enable UCL’s academic expertise to target pressing societal challenges through the cross-disciplinary research where new approaches can emerge and produce significant impact.


For more information on the UCL Grand Challenges award, please contact:

Ryan BellinsonSenior Research Fellow in Cities, Climate and Innovation

Email: r.bellinson@ucl.ac.uk