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IIPP in the media: December 2018 coverage

4 January 2019

IIPP's research is regularly featured in the media around the world. Here is a round up of cover achieved in December 2018.

In the media: November 2018

Why Can't You Afford a Home?, Irish Times (29 December 2018, Josh Ryan-Collins)

Missions: 21st Century Drivers of Innovation?, Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (22 December 2018, Rainer Kattel)

Mariana Mazzucato on who creates value, Financial Times: Alphaville (21 December 2018, Mariana Mazzucato)

Senator Warren Introduces Legislation To Have Government Manufacture Generic Drugs, Framingham Source (19 December 2018, Mariana Mazzucato)

Australia is uniquely up to the task of solving 'wicked' problems around inequality, The Guardian (13 December 2018, Mariana Mazzucato)

Opinion | Putting the public back in public health, Live Mint (12 December 2018, Mariana Mazzucato)

Why you can't afford a home, Renegade Economist (10 December 2018, Josh Ryan-Collins)

Are we overlooking the role of the public sector in the economy?, ABC (10 December 2018, Mariana Mazzucato)

Oram: Decision-making in a rapidly changing world, Newsroom (9 December 2018, Mariana Mazzucato)

Mariana Mazzucato discusses how to improve our economy, ABC Radio News (8 December 2018, Mariana Mazzucato)

On a mission to save democracy, Inside Story (7 December 2018, Mariana Mazzucato)

When banks disappoint, let the state step up: contrarian economist Mariana Mazzucato, Australian Financial Review (7 December 2018, Mariana Mazzucato)

Ones to Watch, Bloomberg (7 December 2018, Mariana Mazzucato)

Looking forward: housing should be more than a financial asset, Social Housing (5 December, Josh Ryan-Collins)

Putting the Public Back in Public Health, Project Syndicate (3 December 2018, Mariana Mazzucato)

La economista que propone una nueva mirada a la inversión inicial del Estado, Pauta (2 December 2018, Mariana Mazzucato)

Innovate before it's too late, warns economist Mariana Mazzucato, Australian Institute of Company Directors (1 December 2018, Mariana Mazzucato)