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Shaping the future: Two PhD studentships at IIPP

25 September 2018

UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose is excited to announce two PhD studentships, starting in February 2019.

Two full PhD scholarships available at IIPP

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The UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP) provides radical thinking about public policy driven by public purpose, offering a new lens through which to approach the grand challenges of the 21st century—from climate change to modern health systems. We are as interested in thought leadership as we are on practical applications of new frameworks. Our PhD programme in Innovation and Public Policy is an interdisciplinary research degree focusing on rethinking innovation in the context of public value creation. While IIPP’s research is wide ranging and potential students can apply with topics in all our research streams (see Research for more details), we are encouraging applications in these specific areas:

  1. Public value in economics or public policy. In standard economic theory, public policy is justified only if clear market failures are first identified. In this context ‘public goods’ (non-rival, non-excludable activities like clean air, or national defence) are corrections that are made to fix the existence of ‘positive and negative externalities’, such as pollution. While such market failures exist—and need fixing—IIPP research is focused on a broader concept of public value that is needed to guide more ambitious policies, similar to those that led to the creation of the welfare state and the mission to put a man on the moon.
  2. The political economy of artificial intelligence (AI). The issues of ownership of data and potential impact of artificial intelligence on jobs and the welfare state, to name just a few examples, are increasingly important questions policy makers are facing globally. IIPP research is focused on the  political economy of these challenges: what kind of new theoretical and policy frameworks and new forms of public-private collaborations are needed to harness the social and economic potential of AI.

We are offering two studentships, funded by Baillie Gifford, that cover fees and stipend (unfunded positions are also available).

The Baillie Gifford Studentships cover fees (3 years full-time equivalent or 5 years full-time equivalent) and an annual stipend of £20,000 (pro rated for part-time students) and are awarded based on academic merit.

To qualify for a studentship, you must hold an unconditional offer of a place on IIPP's PhD programme. These studentships are not transferable to another year or course and are not subject to right of appeal.

To apply, simply send an email to Professor Rainer Kattel (r.kattel@ucl.ac.uk) confirming you would like to be considered for a studentship and please include your UCL Application Number.

Application deadline for a February 2019 start is 15 November 2018.
Offers will be made in the week beginning Monday 21 January 2019.

For further details on IIPP and how to apply for PhD, please follow the link here