UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose


Tackling global challenges through mission-oriented innovation policy

24 May 2017

Prof Mazzucato (IIPP Director) discussed the challenges and opportunities for mission-oriented innovation with Jeffrey Sachs (Columbia University) and Carlota Perez (Honorary Prof, IIPP) at the RSA.

Tackling global challenges.

The event on 17 February 2017 marked the beginning of a new partnership between the RSA and IIPP to exploring mission-oriented innovation policies in practice relating to green innovation.

Reflecting on lessons from previous attempts at mission-oriented policies, the panel considered:

  • Why leaving innovation to the market is not enough
  • The role of public policy in setting directions for growth
  • Opportunities to use mission-oriented innovation to tackle 'green' growth
  • How mission-oriented policies can be the practical means for meeting the Sustainable Development Goals

Watch the event here:

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