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Waking the Norwegian Green Giant

Project Syndicate
10/05/2021, Mariana MazzucatoRainer Kattel


The Economist
20/04/2021, Mariana Mazzucato, Jayati Ghosh and Els Torrele

Mariana Mazzucato: greed holding back, not helping, vaccine drive

Times Higher Education
19/04/2021, Mariana Mazzucato

Build Back the State

Project Syndicate
15/04/2021, Mariana Mazzucato

House of Commons debate on Advanced Research and Invention Agency (ARIA) bill

UK Parliamentary Debate
14/04/2021, Mariana Mazzucato

The Mission-Oriented Government

Noema Magazine
06/04/2021, Mariana Mazzucato

Mazzucato: "La crisis es una oportunidad para invertir en cambio climático y digitalización"

El Espanol, Wake up Spain! (Google translate available)
13/04/2021, Mariana Mazzucato

It would be a pity if the UK splits up

New Statesman
06/04/2021, Mariana Mazzucato (feature)

Econome Mariana Mazzucato: ‘De private sector parasiteert op de publieke’

Vrij Nederland (Google translate available)
01/04/2021, Mariana Mazzucato (feature)

Letter: UK housing crisis requires demand-side solutions

Financial Times
27/03/2021, Josh Ryan-Collins and Ian Mulheirn

Braucht es einen starken Staat, um die Probleme unserer Zeit zu lösen?

Handelsblatt (Google translate available)
28/03/2021, Mariana Mazzucato (feature)

Capitalism won't save us from Covid, no matter what Boris Johnson might think

The Guardian
27/03/2021, Mariana Mazzucato

Change Our Minds, Change the World: Two new books on the false narratives undermining public policy

The American Prospect
26/03/2021, Mariana Mazzucato (feature)

Professor Mariana Mazzucato on how to create value

The Ideaspace
24/03/2021, Mariana Mazzucato

building back worse

Project Syndicate
22/03/2021, Mariana Mazzucato, Laurie Macfarlane, George Dibb

What NASA’s moonshot can teach us about shaping the post-Covid economy

Inside Story
22/03/2021, Mariana Mazzucato (feature)

saving the climate in a triple crisis

The New Republic
15/03/2021, Mariana Mazzucato

Financial bubbles also lead to golden ages of productive growth

Financial Times
27/03/2021, Carlota Perez (research mention)

Don’t Defund the BBC

Project Syndicate
22/02/2021, Mariana Mazzucato

Mariana Mazzucato: ‘I was sick of just being told: “You make me happy”'

Times Higher Education

Die Italienerin Francesca Bria kämpft dafür, die Daten zu einem öffentlichen Gut zu machen (The Italian Francesca Bria is fighting to make data a public good)

Süddeutsche Zeitung (Google translate available)
15/02/2021, Francesca Bria

Biden and the Promise of the People's Vaccine

11/02/2021, Mariana Mazzucato, Rebeca Grynspan

Reimagining the Platform Economy

Project Syndicate
05/02/2021, Mariana Mazzucato, Rainer Kattel, Tim O'Reilly, Josh Entsminger 

From Moonshots to Earthshots

Project Syndicate
03/02/2021, Mariana Mazzucato

De econome naar wie de wereldleiders luisteren 
de Tijd (Google translate available)
30/01/2021, Mariana Mazzucato

How much is an elephant worth? Meet the ecologists doing the sums

The Guardian
26/01/2021, Katie Kedward, Josh Ryan-Collins (research mention)

A just transition: Green innovation can’t only be about flashy tech

26/01/2021, Martha McPherson

This article features in Prospect’s new “Green Recovery” report. Read the full report PDF here.

Mission Economy by Mariana Mazzucato review – the return of the state

The Guardian

Mariana Mazzucato wants to revive the Apollo spirit

The Economist

This must be a ‘1968 moment’ for sustainable development

Times Higher Education
09/01/2021, Martha McPhersonKate Roll

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