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Green economy

The UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP) works closely with governments all over the world to rethink innovation and take on a market-shaping approach to the climate crisis and the green transition.

A green economy must be fair and inclusive, and be defined by multiple governing actors. Investment is not neutral, and innovation can be directed towards big societal challenges like climate change, biodiversity loss and environmental degradation. Markets can be shaped in a green direction, towards inclusive economic growth which is also sustainable.  

Our policy projects, with partners ranging from South Africa to Spain, are high impact and aim to actively shift the role of government and the outcomes of innovation in the direction of grand challenges.

Green economy

COP27 highlights

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Getting serious about the green economy: social and economic tools to achieve bold climate targets 

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Rising to Climate Change

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Publication highlights

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Camden Locks bridgeCamden Renewal Commission

IIPP is leading a mission-oriented Commission of expertise and practice for post-COVID renewal in the London borough of Camden, working with Camden Council leader Georgia Gould.


IIPP has partnered with the Biscay Government in Spain to support their ambition to launch a world-first Sustainable Development Goals-oriented tax system.

New European Bauhaus

IIPP team and partners are contributing to the design of the New European Bauhaus to support the European Green Deal.


European Investment Bank

IIPP is working closely with the EIB to examine opportunities and lessons from the European Investment Bank’s advisory support to the circular economy.


PELICAN focusses on the city systems across the world that are on the frontline of climate change, and city problem owners occupy a pivotal role in the green transition. The project is supported by EIT Climate-KIC.

ManchesterGreater Manchester's climate mission

IIPP is working with Greater Manchester UK to develop and implement a mission-oriented innovation approach to the city-region’s 2038 carbon neutrality challenge.

Director Mariana Mazzucato is advising South African President Cyril Ramaphosa on South Africa’s response to the COVID19 crisis and a sustainable recovery.

IIPP contributes to first position paper launched for Emilia-Romagna’s Just Transition mission

Emilia Romagna's Just Transition

IIPP is working with ART-ER, the regional innovation agency of the Italian Emilia-Romagna region, towards a climate-oriented ‘Just Transition’-led recovery from the COVID-19 crisis. The project is supported by EIT Climate-KIC.

A Mission-Oriented UK Industrial Strategy report launch
Mission-Oriented Innovation and Industrial Strategy (MOIIS) Commission

IIPP worked with UCL academics and world-leading industry experts from cross-disciplinary institutions to map out missions for each of the Grand Challenges outlined in the UK Industrial Strategy.



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