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Empowering citizens through data

How do we bring the data economy back under democratic control by building alternative digital platforms that give citizens control over their own data?

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Citizens' industrial policy: data ownership and technological sovereignty within cities

About the speakers 

Francesca Bria

Commissioner of Digital Technology and Innovation at City of Barcelona 

Francesca Bria is the Commissioner of Digital Technology and Innovation for the City of Barcelona and leads the DECODE project on data sovereignty in Europe. As Senior Programme Lead at innovation foundation Nesta, she led EU D-CENT, the biggest European project on digital democracy and DSI4EU, an EU-wide effort promoting digital social innovation. Francesca was listed in Forbes Magazine’s Top 50 Women in Tech.

Jaideep Gupte

Principal Investigator on Smart Data for Inclusive Cities 

Dr Jaideep Gupte is the Principal Investigator on Smart Data for Inclusive Cities funded by the European Commission. He is Fellow of the Institute of Development Studies, at the University of Sussex, where his research interrogates urban violence and wellbeing. Jaideep is also interested in using GIS/GPS-aided local data to understand material, temporal and political aspects of urban informality.