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Diana Estefanía Morales Aristizábal

Diana Estefanía Morales Aristizábal was a student in the 2019 cohort of UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP)'s Master of Public Administration (MPA).

Diana Estefania Morales Aristizabal
Growing up in Peru and witnessing the effects of inequality first-hand sparked Diana’s interest in tackling social change. At the Ministry of Education, Diana held the position of general coordinator of the same team to improve key attendance-related indicators for the sector. As part of the MPA, Diana worked with the British Digital Government Service (GDS) in the public value creation of personalisation service of GOV.UK.

Diana is obsessed with getting a better understanding of the citizen and design services for them. She graduated from the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru (PUCP) with a degree in communications. She is also a teaching assistant at her Alma Mater (PUCP) of Methodologies of Qualitative Research.