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Sustainability programmes at The Bartlett

The Bartlett is the UK’s largest multidisciplinary faculty of the built environment, part of one of the world’s top universities, UCL. We are ranked number 1 in the UK, and 2nd in the world, for Architecture/Built Environment subjects (QS World University Rankings by Subject 2021)

Here at The Bartlett, UCL’s world renowned faculty of the built environment, you might assume we’re designing buildings or planning cities. But that’s just the beginning. Ultimately, we’re building something much bigger: a better future.

By combining architecture and planning with disciplines such as energy and sustainability, innovation and public policy, we explore human spaces – and the legal, social and political structures that govern them. So, we can explore how better 3D mapping will help to governments deliver aid more effectively. We can discover how robotics will revolutionise international healthcare. We can explore why our love of high rise buildings is a problem for our carbon targets, and how governments can be just as entrepreneurial as companies like Facebook and Amazon. 

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