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Socially Just Planning Doctoral Network

The Socially Just Planning Doctoral Network was created to discuss on-going research projects and initiatives, to develop ideas of social justice and equity around the field of planning.

Socially Just Planning Network

The Socially Just Planning Doctoral Network was created in order to discuss on-going research projects and initiatives, contributing to the development of ideas of social justice and equity around the field of planning. The network has brought together ideas regarding the areas of Transport, Regeneration and Public Spaces as three different, yet related, lines of socially just urban planning.


The Socially Just Planning Seminars aim to set the basis of the Doctoral Network, considering the realisation of a Seminar Series to involve people from the PhD in Planning Studies along with other departments from The Bartlett, as well as PhD students and staff from other faculties at UCL and other Universities.

Fostering interaction between people working in similar research will help PhD students to develop networking and presentation skills, useful tools for future conferences and training options. The interaction between presenters will also be relevant for the learning process, creating instances where the mature knowledge of more experienced researchers converges with the potential of the exciting freshness of young researchers.

To accomplish this, the Socially Just Planning Seminars covers three main topics: Transport, Regeneration and Public Spaces. Each of these lines of research has its own seminars, run in a conference format followed by a panel discussion with the other attendees where further themes are exposed to contribute to the debate on social justice within planning studies. The seminars are then followed by an after-drinks and nibbles activity to encourage more discussions and networking between the speakers and attendees. 


  • Engage doctoral students from different departments within the Bartlett, with interests in planning and social matters in cross-departmental initiatives, fostering the exchange of ideas and networking.
  • Develop activities with existing research groups at BSP and UCL or initiate collaboration with other UCL departments related to the topics of interest  (e.g. engineering,  geography, among others) –and also other doctoral networks (Socially Just Transport).
  • Promote seminars and interchange of ideas, critical visions and methodologies aimed to solve social constraints concerning planning effects.
  • Link transport, regeneration and public space studies under the umbrella term to create a wider network for knowledge information exchange that could provide deeper insights into social challenges in today’s cities and urban areas.

Socially Just Planning Seminars Sessions

Each of the Socially Just Planning Seminars Sessions explored the different dimensions through which Transport, Regeneration and Public Spaces intersect with and relate to social justice and well-being. Thus, while the topics of discussion vary with each seminar, it also presents the different aspects in which planning involves directly in the production of social realities through the urban form.

[Socially Just] Transport

The topic dedicated to Transport will continue to explore areas of the research focused on different approaches to social justice: distribution of affordable low emission vehicles and environmental justice; approaches to justice and democracy through the use of active transportation as walking and cycling; vulnerability indexes. Vulnerabilities in terms of gender and socioeconomic dimensions will be also discussed in the seminars. Community engagement will also be a relevant aspect, how communities are independent and entitled to develop their agency for changing their current situation. As previous years, Public transportation will be considered, for instance, about the promotion of an accessibility approach for socially-aware transport planning, or how spatial accessibility become an alternative for vulnerable contexts.

[Socially Just] Regeneration

The track of Regeneration will review research focused on conservation, renewal and regeneration processes in urban areas with complex social and urban structures, addressing themes of housing, sustainability and development towards the promotion of social justice. Under the umbrella term of ‘Regeneration’, this line within the Socially Just Planning Seminars aims to approach topics relevant to current academic and practical challenges to integrate developing concepts that seek to integrate relevant social dimensions to dense, compact and inclusive cities under a landscape of socioeconomic inequalities. Thus, bringing forward the discussion of Regeneration addresses social justice in activities such as housing, cultural promotion, economic development, community engagement and environmental vulnerability.

[Socially Just] Public Spaces

The track of Public Spaces will explore research studies relating to the integration of different populations in the public space as well as its proper articulation with the urban systems. The topic aims to build a discussion about the accessibility to diverse groups of inhabitants to open spaces; for instance, people with various levels of inequalities or cultural backgrounds as well as the participation in terms of gender and age in the city. Additionally, the seminars will expose those initiatives which involve community participation, diversity, inclusiveness and safety.


For further details about the seminars please visit our Facebook page: facebook.com/sociallyjustplanning


Karla Barrantes Chaves, Bartlett School of Planning
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Mengqiu Cao, Bartlett School of Planning 
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Monica Lopez Franco, Bartlett School of Planning 
Email: monica.franco.15@ucl.ac.uk

Beatriz Mella Lira, Bartlett School of Planning
Email: beatriz.lira.14@ucl.ac.uk

Claudio de Magalhães, Supervisor, Bartlett School of Planning
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