The Bartlett



We’re the Bartlett, UCL’s faculty of the built environment. We’re here to build a better future.

Combining architecture and planning with other disciplines such as energy and sustainability, innovation and public policy, we explore human spaces. Not just physical structures like homes, office blocks and cities, but also the invisible structures that govern them: our laws and political systems, our family groupings and social norms. Even how these things affected by the structure of time: past, present and future. 

By sharing our research with leading thinkers from industry, government and beyond, achieving true diversity of perspective and expertise, we can understand how these structures affect the way we live. And we can create a vision of a fairer and more prosperous society.

Whether your ambition is to design better buildings, plan better cities, build sustainable communities or help meet the challenge of climate change, The Bartlett could be a big step towards them.

Studying with us is about the bigger picture. It’s about excelling at an individual discipline within the context of many others, and discovering specialisms, themes and passions that take you where you want to be, wherever you are in your education or career.

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