The Bartlett School of Planning


Urban Design and Design Governance

A drive for better design in the built environment.

Research at The Bartlett School of Planning extends from arguing the case for investing in better design, to researching approaches to its delivery and long-term stewardship.

Research areas

There are 3 key areas are covered by this strand of research:

  • urban design: exploring the value and processes of urban design
  • public space: establishing the fundamental precepts of effective public space management
  • design tools: establishing a robust empirical basis for a range of design governance tools

From fundamental questions around investing in design, to practical questions about its delivery, researchers at The Bartlett School of Planning have demonstrated a sustained and impactful contribution in the design governance arena, transcending the design, planning, development, use and stewardship of the built environment.

Research projects

Evaluating the governance of design – the CABE experiment and beyond
Matthew Carmona and Claudio de Magalhaes

HOPUS: Housing Praxis for Urban Sustainability
Matthew Carmona

Local Environmental Quality: A New View on Measurement
Matthew Carmona, Claudio de Magalhaes

Global Space, Contested Space? The Case of the 'New' London Squares
Matthew Carmona and Filipa Wunderlich

Design Code Pilot Programme Monitoring and Evaluation
Matthew Carmona, Quentin Stevens, Leo Hammond and Ruth Blum

The Development and Use of Design Codes in the UK
Matthew Carmona, Quentin Stevens and Stephen Marshall

Managing Public Urban Green Space: An International Comparative Study
Matthew Carmona, Claudio de Magalhaes and Ruth Blum

The Value of Design, the Value of Public Space
Matthew Carmona and Jonathan Freeman

The Economic Value of Design in Commercial Office Development
Matthew Carmona, Claudio de Magalhaes, Michael Edwards and Louise Sieh

Managing External Public Space
Matthew Carmona, Claudio de Magalhaes, Leo Hammond and Ruth Blum

From Design Policy to Design Quality
Matthew Carmona and David Chapman

The Value of Urban Design
Matthew Carmona, Claudio de Magalhaes, and Michael Edwards

Design codes, how have they fared?
Matthew Carmona and Valentina Giordano

Measuring Quality - Best Value in Planning and Urban Design
Matthew Carmona and Louise Sieh

High Street Agenda
Matthew Carmona

Retail Renaissance in Small Market Towns
Matthew Carmona, Claudio de Magalhaes, and Jo Hammond

The Self Organising Built Environment
Stephen Marshall, Oliver Davis, Sally Lowell, Katrina Lythgoe and Scott Turner

Incubators of Public Spaces
Stephen Marshall, Nikos Karadimitriou and Andrew Hudson-Smith