The Bartlett School of Planning


Sustainable Transport, Infrastructure & Cities Research Group

Our research centres on understanding how to deliver sustainable transformations within urban systems.

Shared Aims

  • To develop an inter-disciplinary, complex approach to understanding, framing, delivering and monitoring sustainable transformations in urban systems;
  • To develop methods, policies and tools which can assist in the transformation process;
  • To critically evaluate and advance the theories and methods in the field.

Core Focus

The research group focuses on delivering sustainable transformations within urban systems exploring the role of institutions, policy instruments, spatial planning, urban design and infrastructures in shaping and governing these processes.  We seek to create resource efficient, low carbon, resilient, regenerative, socially-just, smart, economically sustainable, nature-inspired urban systems. We investigate how infrastructural changes transform economies, lifestyles and social practices drawing upon international examples, and investigating the translation of best practice. Our work spans these key themes:

  • Cities –  sustainable, circular, smart, low carbon, resilient and shrinking cities
  • Resources – energy, land, water, materials
  • Infrastructure and Transport – transport, energy, social (schools, hospitals, community housing e.t.c), green, water, telecommunications, ports, major infrastructure projects
  • Measurement – indicators, appraisal & evaluation methodologies, monitoring
  • Governance – transformation, transitions, translation, scenarios


 Dr Lauren Andres
Associate Professor in Urban Planning
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 Dr Jonas De Vos
Lecturer in Transport Planning
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 Dr Marco Dean
Lecturer in Infrastructure Planning
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Professor Harry Dimitriou
Bartlett Professor of Planning Studies
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Dan Durrant
Dr Dan Durrant
Lecturer in Infrastructure Planning
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 Dr Iqbal Hamiduddin
Director of Housing and City Planning
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Robin Hickman
Dr Robin Hickman
Reader in Transport and City Planning
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 Professor Yvonne Rydin
Chair of Planning, Environment and Public Policy
Director for MPhil/PhD Programme
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Hui Teh
Dr Tse-Hui Teh
Careers Tutor
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 Dr Catalina Turcu
Associate Professor Development and Planning
Programme Director for MSc Sustainable Urbanism
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 Dr John Ward
Lecturer in Infrastructure PlanningProgramme
Director for MSc Infrastructure Planning, Appraisal and Delivery
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 Professor Jo Williams
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 Dr Fangzhu Zhang
Associate Professor
Joint Coordinator of the China Planning Research Group
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PhD Researchers
Vafa Dianati

Vafa Dianati
Vafa is an architect and urban researcher. His research interests include Sustainable Development, Political Economy of Urban Transformation, Space and Place Scholarship, Critical Urban Theory, Urban Politics, and Social Housing Policies.
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 Dongho Han
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 Lisa Juangbhanich
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 Ju Eun Kim
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Marjan Marjanovic
Marjan Marjanovic
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 Jorge Martin Sainz De Los Terreros
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Ruth Sepulveda
Ruth Sepulveda Marquez 
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Ruth's interests lie in the discourses and governance networks developed by urban agriculture projects under neoliberalism, including perspectives around community participation, social capital, the circulation of knowledge, environmental awareness and perception of the territory.

 Yuerong Zhang
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Yuerong's research focuses on working towards better understanding of metro system resilience from joint perspectives: an intra-urban study of Greater London.

Recent Publications

June 2021

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May 2021

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April 2021

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March 2021

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February 2021

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January 2021

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December 2020 

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October 2020

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July 2020

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June 2020 

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January 2020

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92, (2), 195–201.

March 2019

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