The Bartlett School of Planning


Cities, Governance and Planning

This research group focuses on the governance of urban and regional processes and the role of planning and public policy in the mediation of space.

 Shared Aims

  • To develop an inter-disciplinary, complex approach to understanding, framing, delivering and monitoring sustainable transformations in urban systems;
  • To develop methods, policies and tools which can assist in the transformation process;
  • To critically evaluate and advance the theories and methods in the field.

Core focus

Our research addresses the politics of planning, at a range of spatial scales, in the context of diverse and unequal societies and economies. We are particularly concerned with the role of local government in an era shaped by austerity, privatisation, financialisation and the transformation of citizenship. We explore these questions in fields such as housing, urban regeneration, devolution and spatial planning.

 Dr Sonia Arbaci
Associate Professor
Programme Director for MSc International Planning
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 Dr Yasminah Beebeejaun
Associate Professor
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 Elena Besussi
Teaching Fellow
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Ben Clifford
Dr Ben Clifford
Associate Professor
Programme Director for MSc Spatial Planning
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Claire Colomb
Professor Claire Colomb
Professor of Urban Studies and Planning
International Links Coordinator
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Michael Edwards
Professor Michael Edwards
Teaching Fellow
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Jess Ferm
Dr Jessica Ferm
Lecturer in Planning and Urban Management
Programme Director for BSc Urban Planning Design and Management
Programme Director for BSc Urban Studies
Programme Director for BSc Planning and Real Estate
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Sonia Freire Trigo
Dr Sonia Freire Trigo
Lecturer in Urban Planning
Programme Director of MSc Urban Regeneration
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 Professor Nick Gallent
Professor of Housing and Planning
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 Dr Susan Moore
Associate Professor
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 Dr Tatiana Moreira de Souza
Research Fellow
Mike Raco
Professor Mike Raco
Chair of Urban and Regional Governance
Director for Research
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 Professor Peter Rees
Professor of Places and City Planning
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Dr Myfanwy Taylor

Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow

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 Professor John Tomaney
Professor of Urban and Regional Planning
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PhD Researchers
 Cristobal Diaz Martinez
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Ying-Chun Hou

Ying-Chun Hou
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With an interdisciplinary background in the fields of Political Science and Urban Studies, Ying Chun's research focuses on the themes of the governance and planning of cities, the dynamics of community construction and the transformation of developmental states.


Aleksandra Milentijevic
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Andrew Purves
Andrew Purves
Andrew's interest focuses on economic rent, and how land value is captured either for private gain, or public good; he is currently researching how this works in Singapore.
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Justinien Tribillon
At the crossroad of social sciences and history of design, Justinien’s research focuses on elements of the built environment as social construct and cultural representations of cities and large-scale urban infrastructure
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