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This research initiative was established in 2022 to undertake challenge-driven and transdisciplinary research to advance the understanding and implementation of the UN's SDGs.

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1 April 2024


The Place Alliance advocates for place quality. It is focussed on the idea that through evidence and collaboration we can establish a culture whereby the quality of place becomes an everyday national and local priority. Place Alliance is open to all and through its work brings together organisations and individuals who share the belief that the quality of our built environment has a profound influence on people’s lives.

Since its inception in 2014, the Place Alliance has increasingly taken on a more active campaigning role to better fulfil our core aim of bringing people, evidence and new thinking together as a means to support the case for place quality, and to actively campaign in favour of investing in a high quality built environment. Primarily this is achieved through the production and dissemination of collaborative research through a series of high-impact reports. These can be found at https://placealliance.org.uk/research/


Professor Matthew Carmona, The Bartlett School of Planning
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Valentina Giordano, The Bartlett School of Planning
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Place Alliance has been working with its partners to deliver a programme focused on generating a knowledge-based line of research about the quality of the built environment and its delivery. Our aim is to better inform the debate with rigorous empirical (but also digestible) evidence and to encourage its use in practice. The intention is that for this to be an ongoing study programme that monitors the capacity of the country to deliver high-quality urban environments, and tracks how this changes over time. Recent publications include:

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