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Programme experiences

What our alumni have to say about the MSc/Dip Urban Regeneration.


Daniela Godoy (2008/09)- Freelance Planning and Regeneration Consultant, Chile.
"My studies at the Bartlett allowed me to explore my personal interests with a fresh perspective. The experience showed me a range of new alternative paths to follow in the future in order to advance my career."
Ge Tang (2008/09)- Fudan Univ. Urban Planning and Architectural Design Institute, China. "I would recommend this programme to Chinese Government officers who find themselves trapped in the increasingly fierce Government-Citizen clash.''
Caroline Huett (2009/10)- Planner, Indigo Planning, UK. "I would recommend the course to anyone who wants to explore the social, economic and environmental issues confronting our cities. I enjoyed the quality of discussions and debates – being able to effectively construct a clear and convincing argument has been invaluable as a planning consultant."
Laurance Fauconnet (2013/14) - Project Manager, Municipal Art Society of New York (MAS), USA. "There were many things I enjoyed during my studies… first and foremost, the connections and relationships I built with so many smart, talented colleagues….also, I immediately knew the issues being discussed at work. Coming from a unique perspective, I was able to add valuable insight into American urban planning processes."
Giacomo Magnani (2013/14)- BuroHappold Engineering/Cities, UK. "The projects I am involved in at work have a high degree of complexity, dealing with economic development, infrastructure, logistics and spatial planning. Thanks to what I have learned during the MSc I can understand how the different dimensions of such projects relate to each other and I can actively contribute to the team, helping to address the clients' briefs effectively."

Student work

Urban Intelligence start-up awarded UCL Advances Bright Ideas Award

Founded by MSc Urban Regeneration graduate Dan Mohamed (2015), Urban Intelligence is a technology startup with a focus on driving innovation in planning and development. It won a UCL Advances Bright Ideas Award in 2015 and has also received funding from Virgin Startup

Urban Intelligence is currently made up of a team of 4 UCL alumni, including 3 from the Bartlett School of Planning. The company are currently building a search engine of the planning policy of the London boroughs and investigating how available data can be used in other exciting ways including interactive mapping and 3D visualisation.

"MSc Urban Regeneration student a finalist in Mayor of London's Low Carbon Entrepreneur competition"

MSc Urban Regeneration student Louis Rutherford's off-grid barge project was chosen as one of the top three finalists in the 2015 Mayor's Low Carbon Entrepreneur competition.

Reflecting on the experience, Louis remarked: "it was great to achieve the recognition from the Low Carbon Entrepreneur Prize and to hear from such visionary members of the panel as Dame Ellen MacArthur. At university, you’ve got the perfect platform to start a community, entrepreneurial initiative with plenty of resources and support." 

Read more about Louis' Gaia Gallery project and the Mayor of London's Low Carbon Entrepreneur Prize here.

"MSc Urban Regeneration student work shortlisted in RIBA 'Forgotten Spaces' competition"

The submission by PTE Architects for the RIBA 'Forgotten Spaces' competition was initiated by Alan Green (MSc UR, 2011) and Caroline Pillay (MSc UR, 2011) and was one of the shortlisted entries exhibited at Somerset House. The submission was based on project work done by Alan and Caroline as part of the BENVGUR4: Preparing Regeneration Projects' module. 

"Although the competition was aimed at architectural concepts the stimulus for our submission was the MSc project. We used the idea developed during the project for the regeneration of Peckham Rye Lane as the basis for the design we submitted" says Alan. 
RIBA London's Forgotten Spaces competition, sponsored by Ordnance Survey, Qatari Diar and Design for London, invited proposals for overlooked pockets of land in London and attracted more than 140 entries.