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Lauren Andres Headshot
Professor Lauren Andres
Professor of Planning and Urban Transformations
International Director
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Dr Sonia Arbaci
Associate Professor
Programme Director for MSc International City Planning
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Professor Yasminah Beebeejaun
Professor of Urban Politics and Planning
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Elena Besussi Headshot 2022
Elena Besussi
Teaching Fellow
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Matthew Carmona headshot 2022
Professor Matthew Carmona
Professor of Planning and Urban Design
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Elisabete Cidre
Professor Elisabete Cidre
Professor (Teaching) in Urban Design and Historic Cities
Widening Participation Lead
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Ben Clifford headshot
Dr Ben Clifford
Associate Professor
Programme Director for MSc Spatial Planning
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Claire Colomb headshot 2022
Professor Claire Colomb
Professor of Urban Studies and Planning
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Dr Marco Dean
Teaching Fellow
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 Dr Jonas De Vos
Associate Professor in Transport Planning
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Professor Harry Dimitriou
Bartlett Professor of Planning Studies
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Dan Durrant
Dr Dan Durrant
Lecturer in Infrastructure Planning
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Michael Edwards
Professor Michael Edwards
Teaching Fellow
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Jessica Ferm headshot 2022
Dr Jessica Ferm
Lecturer in Planning and Urban Management
Programme Director for BSc Urban Planning Design and Management
Programme Director for BSc Urban Studies
Programme Director for BSc Planning and Real Estate
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Daniel Fitzpatrick headshot

Dr Daniel Fitzpatrick
Teaching Fellow in Urban Planning
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Sonia Freire Trigo headshot 2022
Dr Sonia Freire Trigo
Lecturer in Urban Planning
Programme Director of MSc Urban Regeneration
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Dr Tommaso Gabrieli
Associate Professor in Real Estate
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Nick Gallent headshot 2022
Professor Nick Gallent
Professor of Housing and Planning
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valentina_giordano headshot 2022
Valentina Giordano
Lecturer in Urban Design 
Manager of Place Alliance
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 Professor Sir Peter Hall



Dr Iqbal Hamiduddin
Associate Professor
Director of Housing and City Planning
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Robin Hickman
Professor Robin Hickman
Reader in Transport and City Planning
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Dr Katayoun Karampour
Teaching Fellow
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Dr Nikos Karadimitriou
Associate Professor
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Qiulin Ke Headshot
Dr Qiulin Ke
Associate Professor
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Nicola Livingstone headshot 2022
Dr Nicola Livingstone
Associate Professor in Real Estate
Programme Director for MSc International Real Estate and Planning
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Claudio de Magalhaes headshot 2022
Professor Claudio de Magalhães
Professor of Urban Management and Regeneration
Head of School
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Stephen Marshall
Professor Stephen Marshall
Professor of Urban Morphology and Urban Design
Faculty Graduate Tutor (for Research Students)
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Dr Juliana Martins
Associate Professor in Urban Design
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Susan Moore headshot
Dr Susan Moore
Associate Professor
Director for MPhil/PhD Programme
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Mr Peter McLennan
Senior Lecturer
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Lucy Natarajan headshot
Dr Lucy Natarajan 
Associate Professor
Programme Director for MSc Sustainable Urbanism
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Mike Raco

Professor Mike Raco
Chair of Urban and Regional Governance
Director for Research
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Peter Rees Headshot 2023
Professor Peter Rees
Professor of Places and City Planning
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Yvonne Rydin headshot
Professor Yvonne Rydin
Chair of Planning, Environment and Public Policy
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Danielle Sanderson headshot 2022
Dr Danielle Sanderson
Associate Professor in Real Estate
BSc Admissions Tutor
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Pablo Sendra
Dr Pablo Sendra
Associate Professor in Planning and Urban Design
Programme Director for MSc Urban Design and City Planning
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Michael Short headshot
Dr Michael Short
Principal Teaching Fellow in Planning
Programme Director for MPlan City Planning
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Jung Won Sonn
Dr Jung Won Sonn
Associate Professor in Urban and Regional Economic Development
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Hui Teh
Dr Tse-Hui Teh
Careers Tutor
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John Tomaney headshot
Professor John Tomaney
Professor of Urban and Regional Planning
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Professor Catalina Turcu
Professor of Sustainable Built Environment
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Dr John Ward
Lecturer in Infrastructure Planning
Director for MSc Infrastructure Planning, Appraisal and Delivery
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Professor Jo Williams
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Fulong Wu Headshot
Professor Fulong Wu
Bartlett Chair of Planning
Joint Coordinator of the China Planning Research Group
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Dr Filipa Wunderlich
Associate Professor
Programme Director for MRes Interdisciplinary Urban Design
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Fangzhu Zhang headshot 2022
Dr Fangzhu Zhang
Associate Professor
Joint Coordinator of the China Planning Research Group
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