The Bartlett School of Planning



The Bartlett School of Planning (BSP) has established key partnerships with a number of academic, governmental, business and community organisations.

Partnerships allow us to exchange knowledge and ideas, putting us at the forefront of new challenges concerning the future of cities, regions and planning processes. 

Research and development

The Bartlett School of Planning is one of the leading research-led planning schools in the world.

Our professors lead research projects and author award-winning books, placing them at the forefront of new concepts and ideas that translate across nations, planning systems, and governments.

We share our work through academic and popular journal articles, commissioned reports, working papers, conference papers, research seminar presentations, exhibitions, and online blogs and contributions.


Our aim is to develop a highly active and integrated knowledge transfer programme. Placing the BSP at the heart of the cultural life of organisations and individuals working in London, nationally and internationally is therefore critical to its success.

We have strong relationships with business and government, developed through our alumni network and part-time staff. This has led to a large number of consultancy and applied research contracts, placing The Bartlett on an international stage.