The Bartlett School of Planning


The Bartlett Welcomes MPhil Town Planning Alumni 40 years on

30 October 2012

Town Planning Alumni Standing Outside Wates House

In September The Bartlett welcomed a group of 20 alumni who graduated from the MPhil Town Planning 40 years ago in 1972.

The group converged from as far away as Perth, Australia, Hong Kong and various parts of Europe, and it transpired that one is now a high court judge, one had been manager of the London Plan, many had been county planning officers and at least one is active in private practice.

After touring UCL the group gathered at Wates House (which didn't exist in their student days) meeting with Michael Edwards, Michael Collins and James Simmie who has been on the staff in the 70s. They walked through King's Cross to a banquet at King's Palace - the subject of an outstanding book by one of their number: Ziona Strelitz (2012) Energy People Place: Sustainable Urban Paradigm, published by SHP in association with Northumbria University.