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Bartlett Professor helps plan for the future of Central London

2 May 2013

West End London

Yvonne Rydin, Professor of Planning, Environment and Public Policy at The Bartlett School of Planning, played an active role in the West End Commission which this week published a report outlining a plan to secure the future of the West End as a UK economic driving force and a great place to live in and visit.

The West End Commission, an independent body established by Westminster City Council in 2012, has this week published a comprehensive report on the challenges that the West End faces.  It includes a series of recommendations ranging from governance and marketing to transport and housing. Proposals range from the adoption of extra opening times for the Underground on Friday and Saturday nights, a small network of zero-emission buses, and an extension of traffic-free VIP days in the West End, in line with New York’s Summer Streets scheme. Yvonne highlighted the key insight of the Commission’s report: “We have recognised the central importance of the diversity of the West End, in economic and social terms and in the fine grain of the built environment, its streets, squares and quiet spaces. It is vital that the West End remains an hospitable home to small businesses and residents from all social groups.”

Chaired by Sir Howard Bernstein, Chief Executive of Manchester City Council, the Commission is made up of 12 independent Commissioners with a range of backgrounds and expertise.  The full report and more information on the Commissioners are available at http://www.westendcommission.com/