The Bartlett School of Planning


Professor Nick Phelps organised a one day workshop to discuss the 'Governance of European suburbs'

13 May 2012

Participants at Global Suburbanisms workshop

Professor Nick Phelps of the Bartlett School of Planning organised a one day workshop on the 14th May 2012 to discuss the ‘Governance of European suburbs’.

The workshop took place in the Haldane Room UCL and forms part of the work of the Europe research cluster of the 'Global Suburbanisms' Major Collaborative Research Initiative (MCRI) led by Roger Keil at York University and is funded by the Social and Humanities Research Council.  The MCRI project runs from 2010 until 2017 and involves an international network of scholars looking at the process of suburbanisation.

Professors Nick Phelps and Fulong Wu in the Bartlett School of Planning are co-applicants and sub-project coordinators. 

The day was co-funded by the Bartlett School of Planning, UCL. Speakers on the day included: Ute Lehrer, Roza Tchoukaleyska Per Gunnar Roe, Sonia Hirt, Ludger Basten, Amparo Tarazona Vento, Dimitris Ballas, Christian Schmid, Woijiech Wagner, and Nicholas Phelps. They covered aspects of suburbanisation in Athens, London Madrid, Montpellier, Oslo, the Ruhr Region, Sofia, Warsaw and Lodz, Zurich. The speakers were joined by Alan Mace and Iain Gordon of LSE, Laura Vaughan, Sonia Arbaci, Fulong Wu and Andrew Harris of UCL and Roya Jodieri of Arup. 

Members of the Europe Research cluster are due to present their work in final version at a mid-term conference in Toronto in Autumn 2013.  The work of the Europe research cluster relates closely to the research interests of Nick Phelps on the planning and politics of suburbs and post-suburbs. Nick Phelps has recently completed British Academy research on 'Edge city retrofit' covering the prospects for the reworking of suburban space in the US. He is co-author of Post-suburban Europe (Palgrave-MacMillan), author of An Anatomy of Sprawl (Routledge) and co-editor of International Perspectives on Suburbanisation (Palgrave-MacMillan).