The Bartlett School of Planning


Dr Jung Won Son, Dr Fangzhu Zhang and Dr Jessica Ferm secure funding for new project

27 January 2022

The BSP team have received a UK-South Korea Connections Grant from UKRI for their project titled “humanising the smart city” with their South Korean partner, Centre for Asian Urban Societies at Seoul National University (CAUS, SNU).

Jess Ferm, Jung Won Son and Fangzhu Zhang

Together they will organise three academic workshops over the next one and half years. The first workshop, which focuses on theoretical and philosophical understanding of the smart city, will take place online in May 2022. The second with focus on best practices will be at Seoul National University in September 2022 and the third on policy alternatives and future research themes, at UCL in March 2023.

The UK speakers in the workshops include Professor Mike Batty (CASA, UCL), Dr Daniel Fitzpatrick (BSP), Ms Lin-fang Hsu (BSP), Professor Ayona Datta (Geography, UCL) and Mr Andrew Cockburn (Connected Places Catapult). The South Korean speakers include Professor Bae-gyoon Park (Director of CNUS, SNU) and Professor HaeRan Shin (Geography, Seoul National University).