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RTPI Awards celebrate research of Jo Williams and Matthew Carmona

7 September 2021

Congratulations to both Jo Williams and Matthew Carmona who have been shortlisted for the Peter Hall RTPI Research Excellence Award which celebrates the best and most impactful spatial planning research from RTPI members and accredited planning schools.

RTPI Awards for Research Excellence


Jo Williams

Jo Williams has been shortlisted for her new publication 'Circular cities: a revolution in urban sustainability'.

We have reached a pivotal time for cities, their sustainability and patterns of growth. Cities face multiple climate, resource and economic emergencies as we emerge from the pandemic. We need to find more socially equitable, low carbon, healthier, resource secure urban solutions, which will respond to these times. Circular development may provide that solution. The book “Circular Cities: a revolution in urban sustainability” breaks new ground in the emerging field of circular cities research. It presents new concepts, provides a clear analysis of circular city practice and points to future development pathways. It also highlights the critical role planners will play in this transformation.

Matthew Carmona

Matthew Carmona has been shortlisted for 'The “public-isation” of private space – towards a charter of public space rights and responsibilities, Journal of Urbanism: International Research on Placemaking and Urban Sustainability.' 

There has been much written about the ‘privatisation of public space’. This research explores and challenges these narratives by questioning whether we have seen a privatisation at all. Through an analysis of historic and contemporary data, it concludes that we have actually witnessed the reverse, a ‘public-isation of private space’. At the same time, the public interest management implications are just as real for public-isation as for privatisation processes. Through action research the idea of public authorities adopting a charter of public space rights and responsibilities is tested in order that the potential benefits of public space projects are captured and negative impacts avoided.

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The ceremony will be held online as part of the Planning Research Conference, hosted by Newcastle University on Wednesday 8 September.